John Cowell

At Eton :

The Law

Known for: Jurist, Regius Professor of Civil Law at Cambridge 1594-1611.

He published a book in 1605 called the ‘Institutiones Juris Anglicani’ and ‘The Inter- preter or Signification of Law Terms 1607.’ The second book was condemned to be burnt in 1610 for the absolutist opinions expressed.

School days: Son of William Cowell, Cowell was born in Landkey, Devon. He attended Eton from 1566-1570, and was admitted to King’s College Cambridge 24th Aug 1570, aged 18. There he received a BA in 1574 and MA in 1578.

Cowell became a Fellow of King’s 1573-95. In 1594 to 1611, Cowell was appointed as the Regius professor of Civil Law in which he later became a Master of Trinity Hall from 1598-1611; incorporated at Oxford 1600. After this, Cowell became the Vice- Chancellor of Cambridge for a year in 1603-1604 and a Vicar- General of Canterbury in 1608. This title made him the Judge of the Ecclesiastic Court.

In 1611, Cowell died from an operation on the 11th October and was buried in the Trinity Hall Chapel, benefactor to the King’s, Trinity Hall and the University.