Sir Anthony Bevir C.B.E, K.C.V.O.

At Eton :

Politicians, Diplomats and Civil Servants

Known for: Sir Anthony Bevir was a 20th century diplomat that was best known for becoming the knight’s secretary to the prime minister and Winston Churchill’s private secretary.

Bevir is known for his involvement in World War 1. He joined the kings Liverpool regiment in 1914 where he was promoted over the course of the war from second lieutenant too [captain]. Later in life (1947- 1956) Bevir would become a prominent civil servant. He held the position of permanent secretary to the prime minister (knights’ secretary) and Winston Churchill’s personal secretary he would also have common dialog with clement Attlee. He became a Knight Commander, Royal Victorian Order and a commander in the order of the British Empire (C.B.E). He died in 1977.

At Eton: Sir Anthony Bevir Spent the years 1909-1914 at Eton from the ages 13 to 19 and so he went from F to A block. During this time he was elected as a king’s scholar and he won multiple prizes. the assistant master’s Latin prize (1910), the assistant master’s maths prize (1910), 2 trials prizes , the holiday task prize, he was a member of the Newcastle select and won the divinity prize with 9 distinctions. He was also captain of the wall game team for his house.